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D&M Plant Hire/Chekrite:

D&M's Commitment to Quality

A shoot of D&M's implementation of the 'Chekrite' app and how the app helps to uphold their commitment to quality.

We were originally intended to shoot interviews for this production, getting a firsthand response on how Chekrite works within D&M. However, scheduling conflicts meant we had to swap it out for some voice overs - but the end product turned out great in my mind.

Chekrite was my very first client, having interned for them in 2018. It was great to create some more content with them and it's always great hearing how their product helps businesses.


D&M Plant Hire:



Sunrise Caravans:

Nanango Owner's Trip 2020 

March 2020

My 3rd Owner's trip with the awesome team at Sunrise Caravans.


I loved meeting a whole bunch of new Sunrise Caravan Owner's as well as catching up with some great people I had previously met from Maleny and Stanthorpe.


Going to these trips really opens your eyes to the importance of going out and supporting these rural towns. If I hadn't been so lucky to be invited along I may never had experienced country life. Now I'm craving my own van and just want to get out there and visit as many smaller towns as I can.


 This was the biggest turn out yet! Can't wait for the next one.

Sunrise Caravans:

Stanthorpe Owner's Trip

November 2019

My 2nd owner's trip with Sunrise Caravans. Can't thank the team there enough for giving me the opportunity to film this and contribute to helping out bush fire-affected communities such as Stanthorpe.


What was originally intended as a 5 min highlight video, turned into a mini doc/showcase of the town and the role caravanners play within these rural communities.


It was surreal seeing what the town had been through first hand. Hearing from the Sunrise Owner's how they all arrived with their fridges empty in order to spend as much money as possible in the town was heartwarming.


Sunrise Caravans:

Sunrise Caravans:

Maleny Owner's Trip 

September 2019

This was the first time I've filmed anything like this before, and what a great experience.

I was invited by Sunrise Caravans to come to their first ever Owner's Trip in Maleny. The goal of these trips is to bring together everyone who has bought a caravan from the dealership for a weekend away in their vans - basically to have fun and meet like-minded people, to create friendships and build a community.


I spent two days filming caravanners going to Maleny Dairies, Flame Hill Winery, Brouhaha Brewery, Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World and overall just hanging out and having a good time. 


One of those projects that makes me truly appreciate the job that I have and I can't wait for the next one in Stanthorpe in November 2019.  

Caravanning QLD:

Tafe QLD RV Qualification Open Day

August 2019

Since starting my business I've gained a few clients within the Caravanning industry. My first client ever was RV Warehouse up in Brendale - who I still make steady content with.


Through my time working with RV Warehouse I've been referred to others in the industry and got the chance to film this launch event for Caravanning QLD. The event was held to celebrate and showcase the launch of the brand new tafe qualifications - which will aid technicians and repairmen in the industry. 


Members of the caravan industry came together for a lunch to celebrate the milestone. 


Ash and Trent McKay

July 2019

I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Trent and Ash, both family friends who I had known for a couple of years prior.  

As I was shooting the bride prep in the morning the rain was absolutely pouring over the hills in Maleny. The stress levels of everyone were pretty high, because even though there was a backup plan in case it continued, rain is not ideal. 

BUT, as myself and the photographers made our way down the mountains and into Palmview, the rain cleared just in time for the ceremony. Ash arrived stylishly by helicopter and once the ceremony started to wrap up and they began to sign their papers the sun came out; it was a beautiful moment.

Stirling Presents: Thor's Hammer

9th May 2019

This is probably one of the projects I'm most proud of. Myself and the marketing manager at Accurate Australia flew down to Canberra to check out a recycled timber manufacturer - Thor's Hammer.

From the trip we managed to create this mini-doc, showcasing the unique company within the timber industry. It includes a few features of the team there, grabbing their thoughts on the state of the timber industry, what they love about their workplace and what they love about timber. Having very little experience and knowledge about the Timber industry, especially the recycled timber industry - it was a great insight into what drives these guys and their interviews show how truly passionate they are.

We ended up cutting about 12 videos from the one trip: with smaller, bite size bits cut from this longer video, as well as 2 machine showcases and a 'How-to' on laminated benches. 

The trip was one to remember, especially because we went in May and, being from Brisbane, are complete wimps when it comes to the cold.


Bek and Callum McDonald

July 2018

This was my first wedding. I cannot thank Bek and Callum for taking a chance on me to film their day. It was a blast and they are such an awesome couple. 

My nerves were at an all time high in the morning. It's very hard to not constantly think to yourself: "what if I miss this shot", "what if I get in the way", "what the heck am I doing" - but once I began shooting, I stopped focusing on everything that could go wrong, and focused on just doing my best to capture as much as possible.

This was one of the first times I've realised that, when it comes to filming an event as important as a wedding, you won't get anything good by stressing.


I'm lucky I got to film such an awesome couple for my first wedding, because I got so much good footage I didn't even know what to do with it. Editing was a whole other thing. 

This was a massive learning experience and having Bek message me a year after their wedding, telling me that her and Callum sat down and watched it for their anniversary honestly has inspired me to do more weddings.  

May 2020

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